nothing says loving like a new dishwasher!

Today was the first day, in what now seems like forever, that I have felt settled.  I managed to get the kitchen into some degree of organized, and put several containers of things in their proper places. I even cooked dinner in the cursed electric stove and did a load of dishes in the old dishwasher that came with the house. 

I know it won’t happen overnight, or even in a weekend, but I now believe that I will feel at home in my new house…sooner or later. 

And on the topic of sooner or later, and the dishwasher…it had better be sooner than later when Mike gets around to changing the old one for my shiny stainless steel version.  I didn’t notice, until more than three hours had passed, that the dishwasher never moved out of the wash cycle.  It was stuck in a loop and I do believe I have the cleanest dishes ever.  On the other hand, whatever it is that is collecting in the corners and crevices of that old dishwasher did not wash away even after three hours.  It would appear that the old dishwasher is long past its prime and needs to be put out to pasture. 

I am beginning to think I won’t be far behind!

Is it possible that I am still sore this many days after moving things into the new house?  I wouldn’t have thought so, but I am fairly certain that I am actually allergic to moving.  I hurt all over, and every time I get up from sitting, my knees protest loudly.  I may be joining that old dishwasher in the pasture if I’m not careful.  I am trying to convince my husband that all I need is a nice hour long massage.  It would very likely help, and it certainly can’t hurt.  I think he might be up for the idea too.  We could get a couple’s massage and tie it in to Valentine’s Day.  That’s coming right around the corner, you know. 

Speaking of Valentine’s Day…

I’ve been dropping hints all week.  Mike sent me flowers last year, and I don’t want him to forget how much I appreciated those flowers just in case he hasn’t planned anything yet for this year.  He isn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day, and I tend to agree that it might be bordering on the ridiculous, but that being said, he had better not forget.  After all, it’s easy to call Valentine’s Day a silly holiday when you get flowers.  It is something completely different if they forget.  It becomes a statement about your relationship.  It becomes a symbol for how little he values you. 

Forgetting Valentine’s Day is the kiss of death for a husband. 

I really don’t expect grand gestures or anything.  I would be happy with a card and a bunch of grocery store bought daisies.  At least I would know he recognized the importance of showing up with something.  Because at the end of that day, that is what Valentine’s Day is all about—did he show up with something?

I’m sure he will…he does read my blog, you know.

Until the next time…I’ll be making a massage appointment right away!

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Posted on February 4, 2011 .