things are getting baaaaaad around here!

What have I gotten myself into this time?

No, I haven’t fallen down an embankment or set anything on fire.  Instead, I accepted a job ghost writing educational documents.

I think I might rather take a tumble down a dusty trail.  The pain and embarrassment would be over a lot faster.

But it’s not really that bad.  I love to write.  And I finally finished the document I have been working on for the past week just before eleven o’clock tonight.  I would love to go to bed, but now I need to write my blog.  At least I can go to sleep without the weight of that paper over my head.

I quit my job in banking because of all the stress, and now here I am…knee deep in it again.  But at least I don’t have to go to an office every day.

I haven’t worn make-up in forever. 

But I do need to think about shaving my legs one of these days so I can go get a pedicure.  I almost went today, but then I realized how bad they were and I changed my mind.  Seriously, my husband laughs at me, but when I have really good dreams and my hairy legs make an uninvited appearance I know it’s time to buy razors.  The sad thing is, I probably have a whole package somewhere in this house…still packed in some box.  Probably right next to the Tums and my deodorant—the one that’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman—one more thing I need to put on that shopping list.

Razors and deodorant. 

Both should be considered practically life sustaining to the modern woman.  Now that winter is drawing to a close I suppose I will have to dig out of my hibernation and come back to the world of women again.  I think I’ll even put that on my “to do” list for tomorrow.  Unpack all boxes that might contain make-up, razors, and pretty smelling deodorant. 

No more Old Spice for me!

And it’s time for a trip to the salon.  My hair needs a fresh new cut and a dose of springtime color.  Maybe I’ll even join my husband on his new diet and P90X exercise routine.

Yeah…now I’m just talking crazy.

I did give up the Girl Scout cookies after only four boxes.  That is remarkable willpower if you ask me.

Until the next time…I’ll be shearing the winter wool for a springtime outlook!

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Posted on March 2, 2011 .