are you talking to me?

I didn’t get a stitch of sewing done as planned today.

Instead I had to rescue my daughter—stranded with a blown radiator hose and an overheated vehicle.  I foolishly agreed to switch cars with her and had to drive home with a coolant leak.  I filled the radiator with an entire bottle of fluid and then raced against the leak to get home before I overheated.  I put on the hazard lights and I coasted as much as possible—afraid to go faster than twenty miles per hour.  I was leading a long line of traffic like the pace car after a crash at Daytona (and the fact that I can even summon that imagery is frightening at best!)  

Amazingly, I made it home without a single billow of smoke leaking out from under the hood. 

After switching cars again, I had to drive my son to the chiropractor and then to work.  I’m starting to feel a little like a taxi driver without the handy little meter…or the tattoos.   This whole “two cars for four drivers” situation is getting old already.  And I heard through the grape vine that the weather is not going to cooperate with our plans to fix the two spare “kid” vehicles this weekend.  It looks like Mike will be working from home again next week, and since I don’t like the Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver imagery any more than I enjoyed the NASCAR picture in my head, I will be playing the role of a proper chauffeur…unless I want to be stranded without a car. 

It may just be time to take up bicycling again. 

Or hitch my giant puppy to a wagon and let him pull me around town.  And before I get tons of hate mail…Mastiffs are well-known for their wagon pulling.  Mine however, only pulls for his own enjoyment—mostly pulling me, through the park or pet store, at the end of his leash on our weekly adventures. 

I suppose I’m going to have to keep to the current plan and pray for a break in the rain this weekend. 

Then again…if I’m stranded I might actually get some sewing done.  I have four pillows to make and I can’t sew while driving.  Or can I?

Until the next time…I’ll be getting one of those cute chauffeur hats and practicing my English accent!

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Posted on March 26, 2011 .