a stitch in time...

And things begin to go back to normal.

Mike and I slept in this morning.  We should have gotten up early, but it was just so warm under the covers.  And there was no rush to go check on the Land Rover.  If it was going to start, we could drive it home.  If it wasn’t going to crank, there wasn’t much I could do on a Sunday anyway. 

So after rolling out of bed at eleven thirty, we took our time getting up and around. 

It was after noon before we headed out to get the Land Rover.  Miraculously, it started right away.  It was exactly what we suspected the night before, something got wet that wasn’t supposed to.  We used the Land Rover to get a new tire for the Mercury and by the end of the day we had two cars back in operation. 

It was a perfect day to finish the little projects in the kitchen that we started, and I must say (although it isn’t finished yet) it looks marvelous! 










Notice the slanted boards in the new wine cabinet!  That will look even better with a few bottles of wine in it.  I'll work on that tomorrow. 


All in all, not bad for a rainy miserable weekend with no cars to drive, huh?  Well…it’s back to reality tomorrow, and I still haven’t finished a single pillow!  I’m not making any promises tonight; those seem to get me into trouble every time!

Until the next time…I’ll be making pillows…or not…who knows for sure?

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Posted on March 27, 2011 .