almost a kitchen

I can’t say I would refuse a trip to a desert island.  I wouldn’t mind sitting on a beach in a bikini, watching boats sail by in the distance, sipping on a blended girlie drink embellished with a brightly colored paper umbrella.  But that is not the kind of island in my immediate future.  No…I’m excited about the island in my kitchen.  The one that is very nearly finished!

Mike does impressive work.  I probably don’t tell him that often enough, but we don’t want things to go to his head.  Seriously, I am very impressed with how the kitchen is shaping up.  If the island is any indication, I will be spending a lot of time in my kitchen in the very near future. 

Tomorrow is a work day, so it will be a few more days before the island is complete, but I couldn’t resist sharing.

Check out these pictures!

(Talking out the old island to rebuild)


 (Putting things back together)


 (A new island takes shape)


 (Check out the new legs!  This is where the counter height stools will go.)


(A nice beadboard accent) 


 (Marble is just dry-fitted in this picture as we get ready for the new marble top!)


Remember, it isn't finished yet.  It still has a long way to go, but I can tell it's going to be gorgeous!  What do you think? 

Until the next time…I’ll be hanging out in my kitchen…a lot!

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Posted on March 7, 2011 .