it all started with a little dog and a big hole

Since when was life ever perfect?

I think too many people expect to find perfection, leaving themselves open to great disappointment when they discover there is no such thing.  Life is a gift, one you can’t return for a refund. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can start living it without conditions.

To say my evening was less than ideal would be a huge understatement.  In truth, my house was argument central. 

Mike is overwhelmed with renovations and car repairs…all that while trying to stay on top of work.  I could compare it to a tower of blocks on an unstable base.  Even one more block added to the top will bring down the whole structure.

So right from the start, the day was doomed.

It was late morning when I took the dogs out for the first time.  As usual, Joey had to be watched constantly for fear he would discover a new escape route.  But the moment I opened the door, he bolted off the deck with a mission.  He ran around the corner toward the front of the fence and the other dogs were right behind him. 

By the time I reached the front corner, Joey was gone.  He had found a new hole.  I found the big dogs leaning into the dark abyss to see where it would lead. 

Clearly it was a portal straight out of the yard.

While Alexa was retrieving Joey from his latest adventure, Mike was plugging all the holes in the fence.  And no sooner had Joey made it back to the yard when he disappeared again.  He is either the fastest hole digger I’ve ever known, or he has an accomplice.  I suspect he may have two accomplices.  And I’ve seen the muddy paws to prove it.

But another escape so soon after the first?  So soon after Mike had made the effort to plug all of the known escape hatches?  It was that one more block on the pile.  And it was just about enough to topple things from their precarious perch. Almost.

To add insult to injury, it would appear that Indy has gotten tall enough to wag his baseball bat of a tail on a direct collision course with Mike’s groin. 

And as he did, the blocks came tumbling down!

I can tell you this…never try to reason with a man who has just taken a whip tail to the nuts.  He will absolutely NOT be reasonable at this moment.  So telling him he should just wear an athletic cup around the house didn’t get the laugh I was hoping for.

I can only hope he will have come to his senses by tomorrow night.  I mean, how long can a guy hold a grudge?  It wasn’t even my tail!

Until the next time…I’ll be steering clear of the husband until the swelling goes down!

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Posted on March 9, 2011 .