happy whelping day!

I was reminded today that babies are born but puppies are whelped. 

Why the distinction?  I'm not certain.  But I figured it would bear mentioning on such a momentous day as today. 

Today is Indy's birthday. 

And although I definitely wanted to make note of today as important, I didn't think it was necessary to hang balloons or buy a bacon flavored dog cake, despite the mild temptation to do something extraordinary to mark the occasion. 

Instead, I took Indy for one of our usual outings.  We went by the vet to weigh him (he weighs a whopping 157lbs at one year old) and visit with his human friends.  He also got to bark at a few cats and hang his head out of the car window while we drove.  On our way home, I bought him a special treat (one that I will regret for the entire evening as I sit down wind of him on the sofa). 

It wasn't much different than my own birthday, really.  Even though I doubt he understood why today would be so special.  After all...every day is a fun day for Indy.  He's a dog.  He gets fed regularly.  He plays in the dirt all day long and sleeps in a comfy bed at night.  I've never known anyone who loves life more than a happy dog. 

I wouldn't mind just a little bit of that kind of happy.

Until the next time...I'll be sliding a little further down wind!

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Posted on April 12, 2011 .