heart my soul

Well, I finally did it!  I bought a car.

And I couldn't be happier with my choice, the Kia Soul.  It's cute, and sporty, and full of fun.  I did have to spend the entire day in the car dealership going back and forth over the price.  And I will gladly hire out my negotiating skills for anyone in need of a new car, but give me a few weeks to recover from the stress of it all first.  Stressful, but in the end...it was worth it. 

Even if I did practically starve myself today.

On my way home (at midnight) I stopped by McDonald's for my first meal since breakfast.  I blasted classical  music on the satellite radio, and relaxed to the mood lighting on the multicolored lighted speakers (they came standard on the car, I didn't pick them).  It was like being a kid again.  I have a shiny new toy, and I can't wait to play with all the features. 

Right after I sleep for a few hours.  Negotiating is hard work...don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Until the next time...I'll be pairing my phone via bluetooth to my new car!

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Posted on April 27, 2011 .