nothing like a good panic attack to wake you up!

I sat up last night, waiting for my girls to return from a spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Florida.  I had them check in every half hour on the nearly six hour ride home.  I suppose I may be on the overprotective side, but there are worse traits to have. 

They should have walked through the door before midnight.  That was the plan anyway.  But all good plans seem to fall apart on the road home. 

First, two of the three cell phones died.  My girls have smart phones, but they weren’t smart enough to bring a single car charger to keep them charged.  Their friend, the driver of the vehicle, had both a phone and a car charger.  The problem was that I couldn’t GPS that phone. 

When I lost contact with the girls around ten-thirty, I didn’t panic.  Mike and I calculated their location based on last known location and a series of complicated mathematical formulas.  We determined that they were out of cell phone range.  Soon after that, I managed to get a text message to them and they replied.  Our assumption was correct.  They didn’t have a strong enough signal to call. 

I lost contact again after eleven-thirty.

This time, they were too close to Atlanta metro to lose signal. 

I was truly worried.  Panicked even.  Not a good night to have run out of my blood pressure meds. 

I was wide awake at two am when I got the phone call that they were almost home.  They had taken a wrong turn and drove quite a bit out of their way.  Apparently, there was limited phone service where they had driven.  I didn’t ask too many questions.  I was just relieved to have them home. 

Is there ever a time we stop worrying about our children?  Maybe I should ask my mom that question…

Things were pretty much back to normal this morning.  I ran out and got my prescription filled and quickly took my morning dose.   I won’t let that run out again!  Especially if my kids are travelling at the time.  Thank goodness there are still a few days left in spring break.  I would greatly enjoy a few days of real rest and relaxation. 

Until the next time…I’ll be enjoying our last few days of vacation.

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Posted on April 7, 2011 .