does size really matter?

No, that's not what I'm talking about.   I'm referring to the size of your mattress, thank you very much!

I am sprawled out, taking up as much space in my king size bed as I can possible manage, all by myself.  My husband isn't here tonight, and that topic is off the list for this evening, but he and I did have a conversation via Skype about mattress size and how important it is to a relationship.  I had to pull out a diagram to illustrate the difference between the various sizes, and we came to an agreement that king was, indeed, the best size.

But it made me other married couples sleep in smaller beds?  If they do, is it because they crave togetherness, or for a lack of space?  Maybe it's because the sheets are so much more expensive...or the frame has been handed down. 

Although, I'm sure I have many occasions, I can't imagine sleeping in a smaller bed.  After all...with a dog or two tucked into the covers,  there would hardly be room for the both of us if the bed was any smaller. 

Then again...does size really matter when you're sleeping alone?

I'll have to let you know in the morning!

Until the next time...I won't be sharing the pillows tonight!

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Posted on May 23, 2011 .