has technology gone too far?

My son just passed me on his way from the kitchen to the shower.  He was wrapping his cell phone in a zipper lock freezer bag.  Of course, I stopped him to ask what he was doing.  It wasn't everyday I witnessed this strange behavior. 

"I'm taking a shower." He told me.

This much I could tell...the towel over his shoulder...the water running in the bathroom down the hall.  But what did his shower have to do with wrapping his phone in a plastic bag?

"That way, if she texts me I can text her back."  He was referring to his girlfriend, but that much I knew.  What I did know was...

"Are you taking your phone into the shower?" I asked, shocked.

"No...but if I have to text I'll have wet hands."

I had to applaud his ingenuity...even if it wasn't "genius" as he claimed.  It was at least decent forethought.  But as I thought about it, I had to wonder...has technology gone too far?  Do we really need to be so connected that we can't take a shower without having access to our mobile leash? 

I suppose I should ask myself the same question.  I take my phone with me everywhere BUT the shower.  I do draw the line at the shower door.  But maybe I should draw the line at the bathroom door? 

I'll work on that...

In the mean time...I will have to contemplate getting one of those zipper bags for the next time I take a nice long bath.  After all...I can watch movies on my phone!

Until the next time...I'll be surfing the web on my phone while drifting off to sleep!

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Posted on June 16, 2011 .