knitting a stress sweater

Lately, the theme around here has been stress.  Stress about life, death, children, parenting, and just about everything else that comes along.  I, for one, think it's time to relieve a little of the stress in my life.  The problem  How can you really remove stress when it is so interwoven into your life that it is actually part of the thread that holds everything together?

And everyone knows what happens when you pull on a loose thread...the whole damn sweater unravels!

So I am putting together a plan.  I don't actually have any ideas yet, but that is the first step right...coming up with ideas? 

I think it is possible that the first step will be to organize.  Not that I am great at organizing...but that may be part of my problem.  A general lack of organization leads to stress. Walking into a room that is cluttered leads to stress.  Trying to find a lost sock in a sea of unmated socks leads to stress...and cold feet. 

So de-stressing is the goal, and organization is going to be a primary step. 

I could be on my way to a stress free existance as early as tomorrow!  Now if only I could get my children to charge their cell phones more often, and reply to my hourly text messages, I would be as relaxed as a Buddhist monk! 

Now I'm just talking crazy again!

Until the next time...I will be searching the GPS signals on my kids phones to locate their exact position!


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Posted on June 18, 2011 .