shabby chic and edith piaf

I have been re-evaluating my position on the idea of "shabby chic".  It started on Sunday, when I had occasion to wander through the antique shops in the historical district, where I ran across the most scrumptious lamp I have seen in ages.  It was a small weathered garden statue with a ruffled linen shade and I fell in love  with it immediately.  I knew instantly that I couldn't afford it.  The shop was notoriously overpriced, and I had no intention of parting with my hard earned money on something as insignificant as a matter how much I loved it.  That was when I happened to spot the price ticket. It was marked down from $145 to $24! I should have gone with my first instinct and bought it on the spot, but I didn't.  I kept walking, only to regret it the minute I was home.

Now I can't stop thinking about that lamp!

Whatever possessed me to walk away from that kind of a deal?  I may never know.  Then again, I may just hop in my car tomorrow and drive back to the historic district in the hopes that the lamp is still there.  Stranger things have happened! 

So, the thing is...after falling in love with that lamp...and after exhaustive internet research on the subject...I think I may have to rethink my aversion to "shabby chic".  Admittedly, I am still not a fan of all the ruffles and lace, but some of the more neutral aspects really do appeal to me.  It is the quintessential beach cottage look that I suddenly crave. 

Perhaps I have always been a "shabby chic" sort of girl and just didn't know it!  After all...there is something decidedly French in that linen and chipped paint look.  And I do love all things French.  I've even been listening to Edith Piaf all evening. 

I think I feel a creative streak in the making.  If I can't buy that lamp, perhaps I can fashion a similar one out of a few rustic treasures of my own. 

It's not like I have anything else pressing to do in the morning!

I'll keep you posted!

Until the next time...I'll be listening to La Vie En Rose to fall asleep!

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Posted on June 20, 2011 .