due to technical difficulties...

I really hate those words...due to technical difficulties...but it seems in a modern world, they are almost always right on the tip of the tongue.

Who hasn't lost their internet right in the middle of watching Netflix online?  Or had their cell phone crash while playing a winning round of solitaire?  Or worse...had their computer reboot before saving the document they spent hours writing without a single save? 

The story of my life...sort of.

I spent over an hour trying to log onto my website to post tonight's blog, only to be denied access repeatedly.  But not with an error message, explaining to me why I was being denied access.  Rather, I was just not able to log on.  No explanation...no error message...no reason at all. 

I may never know what caused the mysterious problem, but it seems to be rectified at the moment. 

So, due to technical difficulties, I will not be going to bed at a reasonable hour.  I will also not be writing a long blog.  Or getting up at the crack of dawn.

Then again, I might not have done those things anyway...it's a Monday after all...and I don't have anywhere I need to be.

Well, other than right here writing a better blog than the one I'm writing tonight.  But you can't fight technical difficulties...you just can't.

Until the next time...I'll be starting my blog earlier in the day for a change!

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Posted on June 6, 2011 .