how many ways can you decorate the same room?

You may not be obsessive about buying magazines, like I am...but who hasn't flipped through a home magazine in the doctor's office or grocery store checkout lane and found a picture that made them wonder why their house can't look like that?

I spend far too many hours in the day wondering that very thing.

I have literally stacks upon stacks of home decorating magazines piled up in various places in my house. My husband has suggested that we could use my stash of magazines to heat the house for the entire winter if we burned them (something we will never know for sure if I have anything to say about it). I even thinned out my collection when we moved, discarding anything older than 2007.

It would seem I still have a few too many.

The thing is...I love my magazines. I love flipping through them for inspiration. Where else could I find such a wealth of valuable inspiration?

As it turns out, there are a lot of really great decorating blogs out there!

I have discovered a list of very inspirational blogs to rival my favorite magazine titles.  I may have actually kicked the magazine habit after all…well, that may be premature…but I may be able to cut back considerably at the very least. 

So after spending a few hours clicking through my new favorite decorating blogs this morning, I spent the rest of the day rearranging my furniture.  And I don’t mean just moving around pillows and lamps…no I moved the chairs, the tables, and even the sofa. 

By myself. 

Truthfully, it wasn’t as difficult as I expected.  But I still felt like I’d finished a pretty good workout by the time I was finished.  And that was when I stopped to survey the room.

I hated it.

Not just mild dislike either.  It was awful.  So I moved it around again.  And again.  And again after that, until I was satisfied with the room. 

I may move it all back tomorrow.  Once I’ve had time to rest. 

The good news is I managed to vacuum every plume of dog hair hiding under the furniture, (not to mention removing at least a dozen tennis balls, various rubber dog toys, one bone and a half eaten water bottle) and my living room is now perfectly clean.

I will check the decorating blogs again in the morning before starting my day. I may get more inspiration before shifting the furniture around again…then again; I may find reassurance that I should leave it right where it is now.  Who knows…I may actually get the inspiration to finally make those pillows I have been putting off for months. 

Or maybe I’ll just head out to the store and pick up a new magazine…

Nah…probably not.

Until the next time…I’ll be tripping over the coffee table in its new spot!


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Posted on June 8, 2011 .