forgive me if my dreams are cramping your style

It was an ordinary Tuesday.

The dishes were piling up in the sink waiting for their turn in the dishwasher.  The laundry was still in the washer waiting to be moved to the dryer.  The floors needed to be vacuumed and the cats were complaining to be fed. 

And I was writing a new query letter for a long forgotten project. 

Going from unpublished to published is not for the weak of heart.  Or mind.  Or body for that matter.  This is a daunting task, and it requires a good bit of work.  And trust me; I have been putting in the work.

The problem is I have neglected the rest of the world to do it. 

Today was one of those days when the real world decided to fight back.  My husband asked me to step out of my protective bubble and wash a dish.  And do some laundry.  And feed the cats. 

Well, he fed the cats, but I’m sure you get the idea.  My dreams of being published were getting in the way of his desire to eat from clean plates.  And just maybe he wasn’t all that happy about it.

I guess it could be my fault.  Even though I have always had the dream…the desire…the drive to see my name in print, I have always deferred to the crowd.  My dreams were on the back burner while the needs of others were met.  Husbands, children, jobs…all taking precedence to my hopes and dreams. 

Well, I have just one thing to say to them now.  Get over it.  The box is open, the dreams are out, and they’re not going back in!  I’m not going to sit back and watch as my dreams wither and die. And I’m not going to let a few query rejections knock me off course.

However, I am going to need to wash more clothes…or stay in the house all day tomorrow.  I officially have no clean underwear. 

Until the next time…I’ll be going commando!

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Posted on July 13, 2011 .