just grin and bear it!

It was my idea to blog every single day.  No one made me do it.  No one took me aside and said the earth would stop revolving if I skipped a day.  So why do I feel so completely compelled to blog even when my head wants to explode from the pressure?

Because I made a promise to myself, and if I break a promise to me, I will just keep breaking promises all over the place. 

So I blog when I’d rather sleep.

And I think…if I recycle something really old, will they even notice?  Will they?

Right now I’m busy trying to come up with something new and fresh for tonight’s post. I admit that I feel some degree of pressure after the great response I got from everyone on the last one. Pressure to entertain my growing fan base (how exciting it is for me to call you that!) Pressure to be witty…original…relevant…

I feel sort of like a kid in a school talent show—standing up on a stage under a bright spotlight—trying to come up with a spectacular act on a moment’s notice.

You know kids, we never plan ahead. We just jump in with both feet and hope things work out for the best. So I do my little tap dance…hum a few bars of my favorite song (the one I actually know most of the words to)…blow a familiar tune on a plastic horn and…wait for it…the grand flourish…the big finish…


And what do I hear after my big finale? 

The sound of crickets chirping in the audience. It’s like a bad nightmare! Then I remember that I can actually sing. I’m even pretty good at it. I could definitely hold my own on a stage! I do it frequently, in fact. But the stage I’m on now is not a karaoke stage. No, it’s the stage of public opinion. So here I am…the dancing bear…performing solely for your entertainment. I hope you are having as much fun as I am!

Until the next time…I’ll be dancing!!

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Posted on July 15, 2011 .