all aboard!


As days go…today was pretty low key.  I didn’t do much other than write. 

And I’ve decided revisions aren’t really so bad after all.

It was a lot like getting a new haircut.  I was nervous about chopping it, but excited to see what it would look like when I was done.  I don’t know what is harder, parting with my hair, or parting with words I created out of thin air.  It’s moments like this when I have to dig deep and find new inspiration.  Someone gave me very good advice once upon a time…they said, “Don’t be married to the words, just the ideas.”  Well, I followed that advice today, and I now have a very fashionable, newly revised Chapter One. 

Now I just have to move on to the rest of it.  One step at a time, I guess. 

I may even go to bed at a reasonable time tonight…well…maybe not.  I’m on a roll, and everyone knows you can’t interrupt creativity when you’re lucky enough to feel it.  So I’m putting the music on auto repeat, and I’m diving in.  It’s like I’m catching the twelve-thirty transport to imagination land.  I have a one way ticket, and no plans of coming back tonight. 

Who knows…maybe I’ll see you there.  I’ll be the one in the long shimmery ball gown, dancing with the dashing young guy…on roller skates. 

Well, it is my imagination, after all.

Until the next time…I’ll be boarding the train, hurry if you want a ride!

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Posted on July 18, 2011 .