so much going on, I'm bursting at the seams

And's not because I indulged in too many brownies today...although that could be true too.  I'm bursting because of the overwhelming response my website has gotten lately.  I'm truly flattered by the kind words coming from so many lately. 

The Comfortable Couch Company (the wonderful furniture company that painstakingly crafted my beloved sofa) was kind enough to mention ME on THEIR fan page the other day.  Apparently the guys at the furniture company have been reading my blog!  How exciting is that? 

Our guest blogger, Monique Williams wrote a wonderful blog just for the furry loved ones in our lives and she had some serious traffic and page hits for her excellent "virgin" blog!  I hope she'll agree to come back and do it again soon!

I've had several people begging me for the rest of my books after checking out the sample chapters on the Books tab at the top of the page...and I'm thinking maybe someone "up there" will hear and get the message to the nearest agent or publisher to get it out in print.

Last...but most certainly not least...I have completely revamped the website!  I'm sure you've noticed if you're reading this...and I hope you like it as much as I do.  It's about time if you ask me.  It feels sleek and cool and fresh...and who doesn't love that?

So with all that going on, is it any wonder I can't sleep?

Well...I'm going to try anyway...

Until the next time...I'll be basting in the wonderful for a few more hours and then it's back to work!


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Posted on July 3, 2011 .