who spiked my drink with 14 pots of coffee and 2 bags of sugar?

Ok…of all the days to be as high-strung as a person can be (all of this is natural I can assure you) I get an email from a highly respected agent asking for the first three chapters of my book and a detailed synopsis.

After I jump up and down for at least five full minutes (all inside my head, mind you) I find myself ricocheting off the walls like the silver ball in a pinball machine (again, this is all in my head).  

I’m driving my car, so I can’t actually do anything but smile from ear to ear and randomly burst into insane laughter.  My daughter already thinks I’m crazy, so she doesn’t seem to notice anything strange. 

I get home and immediately send out notices to everyone I know.  I remind them of the process I had started just over a month ago and the countdown to rejection letters—an undertaking I had given up on after I lost track of how many rejection letters I had gotten. 

My query letter had to be retrieved from the recycle bin of my computer (lucky for me I never take out the trash) and I immediately began to send it out to all my friends as the gold standard of queries.  It was suddenly a “winner”, and I was a star.  A hero among peers.  I was Charlie Bucket and my golden ticket was clenched tightly in my fingers, held high above my head for all to see.

And then the reality began to sink in. 

I had never written a synopsis before.  How on earth could I pull this feat off in a matter of a few hours?  Wasn’t it customary to turn around a reply to the request within 24 hours?   Would I be able to rise to this…the challenge of all challenges?  And write a blog?

Well, yeah.  Who the hell are we talking about anyway?

Twitter girl never backs down from a challenge!  Twitter girl needs no sleep to function!  Twitter girl has a secret supply of 72% dark chocolate and a big ass jar of peanut butter at the ready.  And I come stocked with a 14 pot of coffee and 2 bag of sugar metabolism.  It’s factory issue baby.  No supplements needed.  I am high on life and the possibility of success.  No drugs necessary, thank you very much!

Yeah, I went a little overboard.  I’m excited…somebody thinks I have potential, and I’m ready to show them how much.  So wish me luck, will you?  I’ll need it.

Until the next time…I’ll be up all night long writing a damn synopsis!            

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Posted on August 18, 2011 .