WIPs and chains

Twitter is my favorite new hangout.  Of. All. Time.

It’s true.  I have increased my website traffic, my internet exposure, and met a lot of really wonderful writers, and friends. 

Oh, and I've learned a few new acronyms. 

For example, in the world of Twitter, your current work in progress is called a WIP.  Some newbies will pronounce the letters as whip, but don’t do that. It's W.I.P.  

Unless of course you’re playing a rousing game of WIP pun. How many puns can you make using WIP?

WIP it…WIP it good! A dream is a WIP your heart makes.  When you WIP upon a star.  If you’re going swimming, watch out for the WIP tide.  You guys have WIPed my ass! (Oops!) You have to be careful with that last one.  Don't forget to add the second P…otherwise it’s a whole other game entirely.

But what does this game mean for me in the grand scheme of things? 

Well…it’s good thing I got a full eight hours of sleep last night, because I’m going to be chained to my laptop writing until the sun comes up…since I played all day long!

Was it worth it, you ask? 

Why, yes it was.  I had a blast.  And sometimes, fun trumps work.  Don’t forget that.

Until the next time…It’s WIPs and chains for me!

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Posted on August 2, 2011 .