guest blogs, aliens, and a cancer walk

I wrote a blog for someone else tonight.  It totally threw me off my game.  I was done.  I could feel it.  Somewhere in my auto-pilot blog writing core, I knew I had done my job and could relax for the night. 

So much for that. 

As much as I liked that blog, I couldn’t keep it.  It wasn’t meant for me, it was a guest blog I agreed to write for this Saturday. 

But now, on a Tuesday night, I was left a blog short, and all my good ideas were used up like the last roll of literary paper towels.

So instead of writing a blog at all, I sat to watch a movie with my husband.  It was a movie about an alien invasion of Los Angeles.  And just to be clear, when I say aliens, I mean from space.  This brought several questions to mind.  First of all…as the action started pretty soon after the movie started…why do invading aliens always have way better weapons that we do?  Just once I’d like to watch a movie where the aliens have crappy weapons. 

I guess it would make for a really short movie.

It was actually a really long, very intense movie.  I might need a wine cooler after all that excitement. So since I’ve already written one blog tonight, I think I’ll use this time to mention something just a little more serious. 

Light the Night.

Light the Night is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s evening walk and fundraising event. The two mile walk celebrates the memory of the many wonderful people who were taken too soon by cancer and the thousands who need our support as they continue to fight. My husband is team captain of his corporate volunteer program, and they are supporting the cause by walking with the thousands of supporters in the Atlanta metro area on October 1st at 7pm. I have been asked to support the cause as well, and of course, I was more than willing to get involved—even if it does entail walking for two whole miles.

I did the walk last year and somehow survived, so I’m going again. I told my husband that I would even reach out to my readers, in hopes that anyone who has ever been touched by cancer, or has known anyone who was touched by cancer will donate—either time or money, whatever you can spare—to the cause.

Please visit my Light the Night page and give what you can.

Until the next time…I’ll be having nightmares about aliens!

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Posted on September 14, 2011 .