this is all your fault Gloria Steinem

I didn’t get a haircut today.  No pedicure, no manicure, no massage. I know…I meant to.  I wanted to.  I just never made it out the door.   One sick teenager and heavy dose of procrastination held me back.  But I did go out to dinner with my husband this evening, followed by a trip to the bookstore.  It was nice to see people again…even the scary man sitting behind me, whittling something under the table.   At least I think he was whittling, I was too afraid to turn around.  

It had been a while since my husband and I had ventured out into public together, and after about an hour or so, I came to the conclusion that feminism has done women a great disservice.  That’s not to say I don’t love my equal rights or anything, I do.  I like voting.  I like equal pay for equal jobs.   I even love that a woman can go back to work, and a man can stay at home with the kids if that’s what they want to do.  Basically, when it comes to fairness, I’m not complaining.  But somewhere along the way we’ve lost the subtle differences that made us special. 

I’m warning all you feminists out there…do not come after me with clubs and torches.  I am not trying to take away your freedoms. I’m just saying I miss some of the old fashioned man/woman dynamics.  I want a man to open my door for me.  Bring me a drink if I’m thirsty.  Carry the heavy bag of dog food from the car to the house without rolling his eyes. 

What happened to all that? 

I’ve always loved that my husband was a real “do it yourself” kind of guy, but not when I ask him to get me a drink at the bookstore café, and he says, “Do it yourself.”  

I guess maybe I’m asking for too much.  After all, I’m thisclose to never cooking again. 

What?  You missed that?  For those of you out of the loop, my husband challenged me to reach 1000 followers on Twitter, and 300 followers on my blog, and if I win I never have to cook again.  I’m getting really close, people.  Really close.  And when I’m free of all cooking duties, I’m going after laundry…after that?  World domination!

I asked him tonight how many followers I would need to get out of vacuuming.  He said I couldn’t count that high. Oh well…I can work with what I have for now.  When I get published, he said I can have a housekeeper.  Do you hear that publishers of the world?  A housekeeper. 

Until the next time…I’ll be teaching the dog how to vacuum.

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Posted on September 2, 2011 .