the perfect shade of white

What is it about January that leaves me drained and uninspired?  Is it the cold weather? The shorter days?  The post-holiday blues that seem to drag all the way to Valentine’s Day? I think it just might be a combination of all three. But whatever the reason, I’m stuck in a slump.

And it’s more than just your typical slump. It has woven its way into everything. For example, I walked past my bookshelves the other day. The same bookshelves I walk past day in and day out…more than once a day, in fact. But somehow, all those times I passed by, I failed to notice the giant Santa on a rocking chair…staring at me. Or the leftover wreath that managed to slip by the holiday clean-up. And the giant green ornament resting on the fireplace mantle…oops?  

I have to ask myself, could it be the remnants of Christmas are keeping me from moving on to something new?

After much contemplation (and a total lack of chocolate) I’ve decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns (or whatever I can get my hands on) and make a change. Shake things up. You know…redecorate!

There is nothing like a little redecorating to inspire creativity. And I’m in desperate need for creativity right now.  So I spent my day looking at paint samples. I’m trying to choose the perfect shade of white.

I know what you’re thinking. White? What’s so creative about white? Well, I’ve got to tell you, picking just the right white is a lot harder than you think.

White comes in warm or cold. It can have blue or pink undertones…yellow or gray undertones…green or purple undertones. And trust me when I say, it matters which one you pick. I want my white to be the color of warm milk. Fluffy clouds on a summer day. Marshmallow cream.

And finding that shade is proving to be more difficult than finding Waldo ever was.

But fear not, I won’t give up. (I’m OCD, remember?) I will find the perfect white, I will paint my walls, and I will love it!

At least until the next slump.

Until the next time…I’ll be visiting the paint stores!

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Posted on January 28, 2012 .