three little pigs

I had such grand plans for the blog today.

I had planned on writing another bonus for the Daywalkers. It would have been epic. Of course. But as things turned out, there will be no extra Daywalkers tonight.  I was much too busy hanging out with the pigs.

two of the three baby pigsMy husband dragged me out of bed hours before my usual time.  We had plans to look at some old farmhouses and then a visit to a friend’s farm. They have baby pigs. And I’m a sucker for babies.

Speaking of babies…they had a few of those too. And some big furry dogs. It made for a fun afternoon.

Of course, this farm visit may end up being my undoing. The family we visited have re-invigorated my husband’s desire to live off the grid.  You might remember his plan to buy some land in the woods and live in a yurt.  That was almost two years ago, but he has suggested the idea again. No amount of foot stamping seems to deter him from his course.  He would like pigs of our own…maybe some goats…a few chickens. I’m fine with chickens (they’re sort of cute)…and I admit, the baby pigs were adorable, but have you seen how big grown pigs get? And no matter what he says or does, I’m not living in a yurt.

Besides, in the short time we were there, I almost got electrocuted on an electric fence. Well, not almost, but I imagined tripping and falling into the fence, and that was close enough for me.

I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow, but I suspect I will spend a large part of the day steering him away from the Amish life.

Oh…and I have vampires to write about.

Until the next time…I’ll be dreaming of bacon.

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Posted on January 7, 2012 .