where's the champagne when you need it?

Where’s the champagne when you need it?

After a marathon editing session lasting two full weeks, To Katie with Love is finished.

Can I get a collective sigh of relief? And as soon the last sigh has been blown out, let’s take another deep breath…I passed Katie to my second editor for a closer look. Because as any writer knows…the end is never really the end.

So, ok…maybe champagne is premature. I’m not quite done yet, but I can feel the end in the air. And honesly, I’m not worried. In fact, I’m energized. This has been the absolute best experience of my entire writing career. I feel I’ve learned things about myself (bad habits included) and I am definitely ready for the next step…more writing. Because let’s face it there’s nothing better than a good book.

Just ask any of my characters.

Until the next time…I’ll taking a shower and a nap!

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Posted on February 13, 2012 .