could I get a tiny umbrella, please?

Best part about living in Georgia?


Oh, sure…you can get peaches in other places. But they aren’t kidding when they say the best peaches come from Georgia. Sweet, succulent, juicy, decadent delights. And it’s fruit, so it doesn’t count against your diet, right? (So says my sister and her Weight Watchers rule book.)

But since fresh peaches aren’t in season, what’s the next best thing for a writer with a peachy craving?

A peach daiquiri, that’s what.

I know what you’re going to say.  Aren’t you a light weight? Aren’t you the girl who gets drunk on half a wine cooler?

Well, yes. Yes I am that girl…and I’m all the better for it. There is absolutely nothing better than a tiny buzz to ensure a good night’s sleep. And people, I need a good night’s sleep. I can’t remember the last time I fell asleep before three am, and it’s not like I can sleep the whole day away.  So I end up getting far less than the recommended eight hours, leaving me exhausted for much of the day.

I figured the best way to combat exhaustion is a combination of rest and a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. And my favorite fruit is peaches.

This is where we come full circle.

The peach daiquiri.

It may not be a warm fuzzy peach fresh from a tree, but after several sips, I can feel the warm and fuzzy all the way down. So if a healthy diet gives you energy, and plenty of sleep gives you energy, a peach daiquiri would be the ultimate answer, wouldn’t it? I can already feel that good night’s sleep heading my way.

And that’s what this is really all about isn’t it?

Until the next time…I’ll be zzzzzzzzzzz!

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Posted on February 2, 2012 .