I go, you go, just let go of the ego

I’ve been called a diva, a rock star, a bitch and a brat.  I know I’m a control freak with chronic impatience and OCD that rivals Howard Hughes, and I’ll willingly own up to every bit of that without batting an eyelash.

But don’t ever accuse me of letting my ego get in the way of a good story.

Oh, you can say I have an ego, sure. I ordered mine custom. But despite my lack of balance and coordination in most things, I know how to wield my ego with finesse.  

Basically, if you’re a writer you need to know when to keep the ego at bay.

I have very literally spent the past month running through edit after edit on my book, To Katie with Love. I had no less than five writers and editors with their hands in the story, each urging me to cut here or add there…each with a different perspective on my story, and the best direction to take.  And each one was right in their own way. The decisions were ultimately mine. And for the record, I think I made the right ones based on the feedback and suggestions from my crack team of writing experts, all working toward the same goal…making sure my story doesn’t suck. 

And not only does it not suck it’s a pretty damn good story! (Enter just the right amount of ego.) All thanks to the writers I will forever be indebted to, and friendships forged that I’m certain will last a lifetime.

That, as they say, is how it’s done.

Until the next time…I’ll be sending off that query letter (the one my crack team of writers helped me write!)

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Posted on February 29, 2012 .