three days and counting

Do I really need small appliances? I don’t even drink plain coffee, so why can’t I just throw out the coffeemaker? I mean…that’s why they have Starbucks, right? It just seems so much easier than packing it. And let’s talk about toast…how often do we really make toast? Can’t I just light a fire and hold the bread over it? Do you have any idea how much room a toaster takes up in a box? And while we’re talking boxes…sure they’re cheap, but even at a dollar a piece they add up. Quickly.

So, the closer we get to moving day, the bigger my toss pile is getting. I’ve already sold my leather sleigh bed (cuz who wants to move that?) And I know I said I wanted to keep all forty-two of those wine glasses, but I’m thinking it might not be so bad to drink straight from the bottle. I don’t entertain that much anyway. In fact…I barely have any real friends (other than you…and you know who you are.)

How am I ever going to be ready in three days?

Maybe I should order a few pizzas and invite all my readers to come pack with me…hey, it could happen.

Until the next time…I’ll be weeding through the rest of my stuff.

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Posted on March 20, 2012 .