who ya gonna call?

I think I may have stumbled across the one thing that will undoubtedly distract me from the bugs. Sooo, ummm, anyone know the number for the Ghost Hunters? Or the Ghostbusters? Even that tiny woman from Poltergiest…Tangina (although, she’s only one step up on the scary meter) I’m not going to get all picky here. I just need a good ghost exterminator.

Why is it things only seem to go bump in the night? I’ve never once heard a scary noise in the bright light of day. Could it be my hearing is just that much better after the sun goes down? Or do scary things really stay up waiting for us to drift off to sleep…sort of like cats.

Are scary things nocturnal, or am I just afraid of the dark?

Maybe a little of both, if my dogs are any indication. At eleven o’clock at night, they congregated around an open grate in one of the front rooms of the house, barking into the opening until the sound echoed throughout the ducts. My husband shined a flashlight into the grate but saw nothing but dust. The dogs weren’t convinced.

Neither was I.

An hour later, I still hear creaking sounds…and snoring. My husband and the dogs are all sound asleep as I hunker down under the blankets, listening for things that go bump in the night.

I want to go investigate, but I’ve seen far too many movies to even consider that.

Until the next time…I’ll be under the covers until the sun comes up!

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Posted on March 27, 2012 .