everybody duck...the Goonies are back!

You know how baby ducks will follow whoever happens to be there when they hatch? This phenomenon can apparently be transferred to humans.

My three little baby ducks…errr…Goonies…errr…neighbor boys spent the day in my back yard again. Oh, they earned their twenty dollars doing a lot of yard work. But when they weren’t mowing their initials in the neighbor’s yard (oh, yes…they did!) or hacking through the thick brush with machetes (because what teenage boy doesn’t fantasize about slashing this way through the jungle with a big knife?) or sneaking cigarettes near the fire pit (don’t get me started on that one!) they were at my back door asking for water…or paper towels…or to visit the dogs, the chicks, the teenagers…you name it.

Yesterday, I worried their mother was missing them while they were gone.

Today, I suspected she squealed with glee as she collected her bath oils and thickest towels to camp out in her bath tub while they were gone. In fact, I suspect she woke them early and reminded them they had grass to mow and brush to cut at my house today.

But all things aside, they were a joy to have around. Other than being typical pre-teen and teenage boys, they were fairly well behaved and good-mannered. Of course, my standards are those of a brusque, vulgar Yankee (per my Southern in-laws) so I may not be the best judge. I certainly didn’t have to worry about corrupting them with newly learned swear words…they appear to know them all (as most teenagers do.)

I did have to draw the line when they came for the evening bonfire smuggling beer in water bottles (I made them pour it down the drain immediately) and reminded them that I may cuss like a sailor, but I’m not in the business of corrupting minors (or encouraging illegal activities).

They didn’t put up a fuss, and I imagine that beer was as hard to get as the liquor in Superbad (forgive the shameless movie reference, but it’s a favorite of mine, and fitting under the circumstances.)

You might suspect I sent them packing after the beer incident, but I didn’t. I secretly congratulated them on a valiant attempt at fooling me (but you’d have to get up way earlier in the morning for that, boys!) and sent them on a mission to find brush to burn in the fire pit. After all…their spring break is almost over, and a nice bonfire never hurt anyone. Um…but just in case, I sent the husband, the daughter, and the daughter’s boyfriend to supervise.

I had a very important blog to write.

Until the next time…I’ll be waiting for the Goonies next adventure to unfold.

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Posted on April 12, 2012 .