who needs a vacation anyway?

Living in the mountains is like being on vacation every day.

My feet hurt. My shoulders hurt. I have a sunburn. Me. The girl who avoids the sun like a vampire on spring break. I have a sunburn…on my skin. The skin that rarely sees the sun for more than fleeting moments on any given day. Yeah…about that.

I’m thinking I might be ready for a break from vacation. I’m almost looking forward to the weekend being over so I don’t have to have another bonfire. Or entertain Goonies…for at least a few day. Or build giant tents for the entire neighborhood to sleep in my back yard.

It would seem we’re the cool neighbors. Oh, I sort of knew it already. Eccentric Yankee writer and her engineer (farmer) husband move into the spooky old manor house with a wide assortment of animals, including a giant dog, an owl dueling ghetto cat, a bunch of newly hatched chickens, and after today, three full-size laying hens. Who wouldn’t be drawn to that?

Right…so I have a yard full of kids (the Goonies brought a little sister and a girlfriend today, plus Mike’s youngest is here for the weekend) a freshly lit bonfire, and a giant tent that took three of us to construct and can easily sleep ten juvenile sized humans. Thank goodness there are only five actually out there. And all this after getting pooped on by the new chickens while helping Mike build their coop. By the way, chickens poop way more than I ever realized.

Is it any wonder I’m ready for a shower then bed?

But I can hardly hit the hay (farm joke) until I get the kids settled into the tent (and plan some sort of scare for them, because what sort of cool neighbor would I be if I didn’t try to scare the shit out of a bunch of kids sleeping in my yard?)

Right…that would hardly be cool of me to skip such things. Too bad my daughter and her boyfriend went back to Atlanta. They would be perfect to both supervise and terrorize the teens and preteens out there. Me? I’m just too damn old for this crap. It’s a good thing I have a few vampire cardboard cut outs and a life-size skeleton in the closet for just such occasions.

Maybe after just a quick nap.

Until the next time…I’ll be looking forward to a day of rest.

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Posted on April 14, 2012 .