ahhh...the secrets of marital bliss

After what can only be described as a miserable weekend, I had a lovely Sunday night, followed by a pretty good Monday, and a great Tuesday.

I even shaved my legs!

I’m going to chalk it up to marital bliss. And then I’m going to attempt to deconstruct what that means, exactly.

You may remember reading about me latched onto the free internet at the local McDonald’s late Saturday night, as I sat in my car with my dog and my laptop after an argument with my hubby. My mom called me the next day to make sure I made it home safely (which, of course, I did). I only spent an hour in my car, writing my blog and surfing the net…making a point, if you will. And I think it was a point well made.

The truth is, it takes time and distance from an issue for any true resolution to come out of it. And maybe just a little groveling. I’m pretty sure washing a few loads of laundry, plus a sink full of dishes (and making a home cooked meal) will get most husbands out of the proverbial dog house. Mine included.

Now I just need to convince the dog that all is forgiven. Indy is much less forgiving than I.

Once upon a time, I had to contend with toddlers climbing into bed after a scary dream. As they grew up, it was the assorted issues kids seem to have right at bedtime. A drink of water, a trip to the bathroom, a story. And after that, it was teenagers out with the car that created stress and worry, effectively squashing any chance of romance.

Indiana Jones, the mastiffNow, living on the farm…kids grown and out…it’s the dog who wants to climb into bed with us.

Indiana Jones, the mastiff has decided to challenge my husband for my attention. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like a little competition to get a man to step up to the plate, right?

That and freshly shaved legs.

But I’m not going there…

Until the next time…I’ll be sleeping in the middle.


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Posted on April 24, 2012 .