lucky seven

As I understand it, I’ve been tagged with the lucky seven. I don’t exactly know where this lucky seven thing came from. Or how I get myself into these things. Or rather…how others get me into them. But I figured, hey…what could be better on a Monday night than a little game of Tag? I may as well play along, right?

The rules to the Lucky Seven are as follows: *Open the document for your current MS/WIP (manuscript or work-in-progress for the non-writers out there) *Go to page 7 or to page 77 *Go to line 7 *Copy the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they are written. No changing or cheating! *Tag 7 authors and let them know.

So here you go, page seven of To Katie with Love.

My coworkers nudged me out of the booth clapping and shouting.  I felt the color draining from my face and thought I might faint. 

The truth is I love to sing…when I’m alone.  I’d never sung in front of a crowd, certainly not at a karaoke bar.  Yet, there I was, being propelled toward the stage by Silvia, the real manager in my office, title or no title. 

I reluctantly dragged myself forward, looking back to my table for moral support the entire way.  They waved me on, cheering like a bunch of high school girls. 

Even Phil. 

I spun around to watch where I was going and a guy shoved a microphone in my hand.  Next thing I knew, I was facing a crowd filled with semi-drunken college students and business bankers. There were dozens of eyes watching me and I really wished I hadn’t worn the short skirt and form-fitting blouse Silvia had promised would make me look hot. 

I’m a banker, not a prostitute.  I don’t dress hot.  I dress professionally.  Well, usually I do.  Not tonight.  Tonight I was Silvia’s science project. 

My heart slammed in my chest behind the flimsy black sheer blouse as I stood in the wash of the spotlight, and my insides did a mini flip purely out of fear as I sang the first line of the song.

And I have decided to tag…





@McMillenDC (DC McMillen)

@lmkolar1 (Laura Kolar)

@Valeriebrbr (Valerie Haight)

Until the next time…I’ll be ducking to avoid the low flying debris as they contemplate accepting the challenge.



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Posted on April 9, 2012 .