a laundry rant

Dear person who lives under my roof but won’t follow my laundry rules,

You know who you are…person who takes my clothes from the washer and puts it in the dryer when it was supposed to be hung dry. Oh yes, you know who you are. Did you not realize there was a hand wash setting on the washer? Is it inconceivable to you that some things aren’t meant for the dryer? Things like my favorite linen trousers, for example. Yeah…those. The very same linen trousers that are now way too short to be considered fashionable. All because you were in such a rush to wash your clothes, you didn’t care to wait for me to finish mine. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you had to mess with my lingerie. I found my favorite pair of panties lying on the floor where you must have dropped them while taking them from the washer. My underwear! Come on now. Is nothing sacred?

Pet peeve of the day: Don’t touch my clothes!

I used to assign laundry days. You had two days a week that were all yours to wash clothes. But somehow, that idea has been shot to hell. No one seems to want to folllow one simple rule…keep your paws off my clothes!


I know who it is, and I’ve warned them before, but for some unknown reason, they don’t find me that scary. They keep tossing my hang dry only clothes into a hot dryer until they begin to remind me of the high-water floods of my junior high days. I may end up with some sort of regressive complex or something.

My husband said I can’t kill them…so I’m going to think evil thoughts and blog about them instead. I don’t know, I might come up with some sort of evil revenge too…he never said I couldn’t torture them.

Until the next time…I’ll be standing guard while I do my laundry.


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Posted on July 23, 2012 .