crowing class


Crazy, strange, annoying, funny Roosters.

Clooney, currently on reprieve from being killed and cooked in a pot, is trying to earn his keep by teaching the Silkie rooster how to crow. This has been going on for the past hour and has caused my daughter and me to break down in fits of hysterical laughter on several occasions.

Back and forth they go. First Clooney crows in his classic, perfectly pitched rooster crow, followed by the muppet-looking rooster with his off-key, George of the Jungle bellow. And back to Clooney with his melodious crow. And there it goes…for over an hour…until the younger rooster finally sounds almost like Clooney. Almost. He’s still a bit…pitchy. Sort of like a rooster going through puberty. But I think Clooney has earned himself a few extra points, and maybe a few more days of freedom.

He’s a sneaky little bugger. I’d really hate to see him go.

Until the next time…I’ll be listening to the show.

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Posted on August 29, 2012 .