modern day clampets

Since moving to the mountains all those months ago, my husband and I have taken on a new sort of people watching. Or rather neighbor watching.

Specifically, the neighbors who live just off the main road, around the corner from our quiet little farmhouse.

I’ve always laughed at Mike when he talks about homesteading, using recycled materials, and living off the grid. For Pete’s sake, he tried to talk me into living in a yurt at one time. But I’m not laughing any more. Not at my well-meaning husband, anyway. No, I’m laughing at the crazy neighbors who live in a house put together with plywood and a fence made from old bed frames (or whatever the hell those things are).

Just the other day, we drove by as they were sitting in the front yard with their goat, having a cook-out. Of course, they weren’t cooking out with a grill. No, that would have been too normal. They were cooking out with the microwave on a folding table. Yes, in the front yard, on a main road, like modern day Clampets.

I wanted to take pictures, but part of me thinks that’s just too intrusive. I mean, if they’re comfortable living in a castle made from landfill finds, who am I to knock it? And the goat doesn’t look like he’s complaining.

He’s probably living like a king.

Until the next time…I’ll be giving my hubby a little more leeway with the crazy ideas.

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Posted on September 12, 2012 .