autumnal equinox

I feel like a total failure. I missed the official changing of the seasons. It happened just days ago, but it came and went without any fanfair. I didn’t mark the day with anything special. In fact, I totally didn’t even notice. Oh sure, I noticed I needed an extra blanket at night. I noticed the leaves gradually changing. I even noticed the smell of cider in the air as I pass the local orchard. But I can’t believe I didn’t realize fall had officially started. And I always notice. Fall is my favorite season.

Ok, no more crying over a missed day on the calendar. It’s not like I forgot my own birthday. Now that would be a tragedy. I love my birthday. Almost as much as I love the month of October…you can bet I won’t let that pass me by. I have plans. Great plans. Pumpkins and hay bales piled on the front porch. Scarecrows and skeletons lining the steps. Oh, I have plans for you October.

As soon as I get back from gambling in Cherokee, North Carolina. Wish me luck!

Until the next time…I’ll be at the casino with my sister.

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Posted on September 24, 2012 .