the aftermath

Well, the holidays are officially over. It was a fun ride, but now my house is a wreck, I have too many leftovers for my over-taxed refrigerator, and after what will, undoubtedly, be several days of procrastinating, I'm going to have to start the daunting task of putting away the plethora of decorations that took me weeks to put up.

Ah, January, how I've missed you. Out with the old and in with the flu, and all that.  But the flu outstanding (as I'm officially feeling tons better as of today) I think January is going to make for a wonderful start of the new year.


For starters, my satellite TV is finally fixed after months of being messed up. And today, the hubby picked up five little piggies to add to our menagerie of farm animals. They're adorable, and sweet, and I can't wait to interact with them. Well, I can wait until the morning at least...once the sun is up and it's a bit warmer. Until then, I'll just have to think up a few names. Something other than  Jon Hamm, Kevin Bacon and Wilbur. I mean, two of them are girls.

Yep, it's gonna be an awesome new year.

Until the next time...I'll be humanizing another bunch of livestock in the time honored Disney tradition :)

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Posted on January 2, 2013 .