tell me tuesday

“What would your parents be horrified to know about you?”  

That was the first question I noticed.  The funny thing was I couldn’t think of a single thing about me that would make my parents freak out.  Or even surprise them.  I’ve always been a bit strange, and certainly my parents would have noticed by now.

I guess you’re wondering why I was trying to come up with embarrassing topics to shock my parents with.

We can blame my buddy, author Rachel Thompson.  Remember her?  She of A Walk in the Snark fame, and the new Broken Pieces. She has this awesome Twitter meme (rhymes with theme) where you share your innermost secrets and send them out like modern game of “pass it on”. It’s fun, sexy, interactive…part interview, part guest appearance…and it’s called #TellMeTuesday.  She didn’t have to ask me twice.  I was thrilled!  All I had to do was to reveal fun things about myself that nobody else knows. 

So…what did I share?

I sing dirty show tunes.  I admit it.  I change around the words to the oldies and voila…seriously dirty Cole Porter.  Not that Cole Porter was without a little dirt of his own…but I don’t doubt that he rolls over in his grave every time his Anything Goes melody accompanies my naughty lyrics. 

I read Twilight fan fiction…obsessively sometimes. Oh shhh…like you don’t have your own quirks. And if you want to know the truth, I read the back of my shampoo bottle in the shower. I just like to read. So what if I like to read about sparkly vampires from time to time?

Do I dare admit my deep dark fears? 

Not if that means my readers will start the same sort of campaign they undertook when I wrote about not being a hugger.  More than two years later, people still come up to me at the grocery store and go in for the hug.  Not total strangers…but lucky for me, most of those readers wouldn’t recognize me at the grocery store anyway. 

Oh, and best of all..I recently found out that Ivie, my character in Suddenly Sorceress isn’t the only witch in my background.  My great aunt uncovered one of the original Salem witches in our family tree.  How cool is that?  I plan on spreading that info around wherever I can.  Wait until my kids find out there is a very good reason why I become a witch every Halloween…and just possibly several days a month during the rest of the year. 

I officially have an excuse.

I’m sure there’s more about me you don’t know…but hey, Tuesday comes once a week!  What do you have planned for next Tuesday?

Until the next time…I’ll be sending up the PMS signal in the sky. I’m feeling a bit cranky.

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Posted on January 29, 2013 .