katydids and katydon'ts

I had a giant bug in my house the other night. A huge, leafy green bug with a built-in music maker. It sat on my sofa playing sad songs on its violin legs in hopes I would spare its miserable little life. And truly, I was thisclose to squashing it like a bu...uh...you know. And then I found out what kind of bug it was. A Katydid. And how could I kill a Katydid? 

To Katydid With Raid? I don't think so. And so, I scooted my chair over and kept an eye on the little Katydid until bedtime. Then I tiptoed into my room and shut the door. By morning, little Katydid had perched on the windowsill, waiting for someone to let her out. And that's exactly what hubby did. With the utmost care, he picked her up and promptly deposited her in front of a flock of hungry chickens!

Thank goodness, Katydid could fly. Sorry chickens...that was a katydon't for you. 

The rest of my weekend (not that it's quite over yet) has been spent searching for the perfect iron bed frames for the upstairs guest rooms. Christmas is only 80-ish days away, and we have a house full of people coming. I really want to have the guest rooms ready. I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas when I haven't even decorated for Halloween! That's an epic fail of the highest order.

Shame on me. 

Until the next time...I'll be organizing the cupboards and finishing my edits. 

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Posted on October 5, 2013 .