shaping up to be a banner year

As you well know, 2013 has been a stellar year for me. My first full length novel, To Katie With Love was released at the end of April and my second book, Suddenly Sorceress was contracted with the same publisher for release in 2014. What could possibly top that?

Ok, so winning the lottery, getting a movie deal, or finding the secret of eternal youth might come close, but since I didn't get any of those things, I'll start with what DID happen.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Suddenly Sorceress is getting an early release!  

That's right! It's not coming out for Valentine's Day as planned, it's coming out closer to the first of the year. And I for one, couldn't be happier.  

In fact, I've been so happy, I pulled out an old manuscript and started blowing off the years of dust. I'm polishing this yet-to-be-named romantic thriller for hopeful publication. Some might say I've gone mad, but hey, we all go a little mad sometimes, right?  

So there you have it! I'm preparing for the coming release of a new book and the upcoming blog tour that inevitably goes along with it. That means I'm back to doing interviews and guest posts like a crazy person. That and getting my house ready for a slew of guests for the holiday season. I could seriously use a little of Ivie McKie's witchcraft to get stuff done. Then again, maybe not. I sorta like my husband the way he is.  

For a sneak peek at Suddenly Sorceress, read chapter one HERE

Until the next time...I'll be brushing up on my guest post skills.  


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Posted on November 11, 2013 .