and then there were four

The garden gnome strikes again! We're officially down another duck. And now the four remaining ducks are hanging out in the yard. They absolutely refuse to wait like sitting know...they don't want to stay in their pen. But they're doing bizarre things out there. Strange for even them. We heard them quacking and moving into a circle (as best they can with only four of them) and I swear they're doing some kind of sacrificial ceremony. One of the chickens knocked on the back door until we opened it, and she came right inside. She must know the ducks are up to no good tonight.

duck icon.jpg

The worst part of the whole thing is we're now down one layer. That means less eggs to eat. And to bake with. And there's no way I'm buying eggs from the store. Not after being spoiled by fresh eggs every day. That can only mean one thing. We need more ducks.

And we need to a trap big enough to catch a rogue garden gnome.

Time to head over to the Acme website to look for garden gnome traps. I may as well order a few mouse traps while I'm at it. You can never be too prepared.

Until the next time...I'll be shopping for baby ducks.

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Posted on February 26, 2013 .