the word of the day is dirty

I've been having fun lately, coming up with a new word every day. Most days it's a completely random, made up word that I define as I see fit for the circumstances. People love it. I love it. But sometimes you have to fall back on words that already exist. Sometimes you have to pull out a dictionary and say..."what one word best sums up my day?"

Today, that word is dirty.

Remember when a dirty word was something you weren’t allowed to say? Or being dirty required washing of some sort? Well, dirty isn’t always bad, but it certainly makes things more interesting.

So I was thinking about the word dirty today and I realized how much I like it. It can mean something different every time. I decided I’d make a list…a short list perhaps…but a list just the same.

Dirty rice is a spicy dish.

Dirty socks…not so much.

Dirty dancing is spicy fun.

Dirty feet are simply gross.

Dirty sex is pretty hot.

Dirty crotch is definitely NOT.

Dirty words are secret fun.

Dirty underpants are worse than NONE!

Ok, so my rhyming needs work, but you get the point.  When someone calls you dirty it just might be a compliment.

Ok…and off the topic of dirty, but just slightly. As I was throwing together my guest blogs for my To Katie With Love release tour, I was reminded of this really funny auto correct moment that happened to me about a year ago. I'd been napping. I know…the girl who doesn’t sleep was napping? And yes…I was. Even I need sleep sometimes. But I was awakened by a tweet or two, and felt compelled to respond immediately…before my eyes were completely focused, mind you.

My friend Laura had mentioned she had eaten marshmallows that day. This was only significant because marshmallows play a part in my book, To Katie with Love, and these days the in-jokes are many…so we were laughing about that. And I mentioned I’d had a really good dream that was interrupted by the phone “just as I was about to put the brownie in my mouth!” And what could be worse than being pulled out of a dream right before you get to eat a hot, fresh, just out of the oven chocolate brownie, right? (This is the definition of chocoblocking, yesterday's word of the day) Wrong…even worse than that…wayyyy worse than that, in fact,  is when your auto correct changes that sentence to say, “And the phone rang just as I was about to put the brownish in KY mouth!”

And, of course, Laura was speechless. How exactly is one supposed to respond to that?

I swear on a stack of whatever book you put in front of me that I have NO IDEA why my phone chose brownish KY over brownie. And I suspect I will never, in all my years, live it down.

Or the other message I sent that changed the word long to kong (and again, I said, “Really auto correct? Kong?”) It’s amazing how something so innocent can end up being so…dirty.

But hey, it’s the word of the day, isn’t it?

Until the next time…I will be carefully reading every text before hitting send.


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Posted on March 13, 2013 .