hey, no pressure!

No, I will not join you on your imaginary farm. I will not listen to the scary, nightmare inducing music while I plant rows of vegetables I'll never remember to harvest, and collect animals I'll never remember to feed. I do enough of that on my real farm. It's a good thing the IDP takes care of the animals, because (and I quote) I am not cut out to be a farmer. Not even on an imaginary farm.

But that doesn't stop my Facebook writer friends from sending me game requests to join them building cartoon communes. And they've gone a bit Chuck Norris on me lately with the peer pressure. It's not bad enough they send me requests, they send me HOURLY requests. And I know they're hoping I'll click those links by accident and stumble into the farm, only to be enticed by the looping sounds of the brainwashing music.

But listen up play farmers, I'm not falling for it! I have far more willpower than you think. Sure, I've given up Diet Coke, root beer and chocolate more times than I can count, just to fall off the wagon a few days later. But that doesn't mean I'm weak. It just means...well, I'm not so weak that I'll get addicted to Farmville. I'm not doing it. You'll have to step up your attacks if you think you're going to beat me at that game. I mean, if you had an imaginary Wonka World, filled to the brim with designer chocolates or something, I might be in danger of caving to the invitation. But a farm?

Heh! I can see pigs, and chickens, and duck (poor lonely ducky) all day long if I want to. And as far as a pasture filled with withering plants? I've got that too. And I don't even have to hear scary music on the real farm.

Seriously, that just creeps me out!

Until the next time...I'll be watching my timeline very carefully!

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Posted on March 15, 2013 .