it's the weekend, so what?

Well, it's Friday...again. A day that's almost exactly the same as Thursday and Wednesday and, I think you get what I'm saying. In the exciting life of a stay-at-home writer, one day blends effortless into the next. And today, it's cold again.

Although, the calendar tells me it is finally spring, all evidence points to the contrary, and I've about had it with the groundhog's lies. Spring did not come early and in fact, even now that it's here, it's still not springlike weather. I'm hiding under the covers in my bed to stay warm until the heat kicks back on. It was in the twenties last night and I'm still sleeping in wool socks a scarf! We're just a week or so shy of April and it's still blustering outside like we're in the middle of January.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the change of seasons, but it would be nice if it would change to spring now. I've been patient...ok, so I haven't exactly been patient, but I've waited long enough, haven't I? I never even got my girl scout cookies. How is it I managed to move to the only town on the planet without girl scout cookies? (Don't mess with my logic, I'm on a perfectly good rant here.) I'm craving thin mints like a vampire craves blood, without a single girl scout in sight!

And, it's the weekend. Another fallacy in a world filled with broken dreams. I'm a stay-at-home writer who can't tell one day from the next, and I'm supposed to get excited just because it's Friday? Ha! Not happening. Unless, there's an off chance I might get to go to the movies with my husband tonight. I might be willing to change my sour demeanor and my grumpty-times-ten attitude if I got an evening out of this whole thing. I suppose it's worth the effort to bring this up to Mr. Lincoln when he gets back from the office. I mean, I did feed the pigs for him yesterday...without dying, I might add. He might sort of owe me for that, right?

You know, there might actually be something to said about this whole weekend thing after all. I'll let you know how it works out.

Until the next time...I'll be changing out of my jammies for a change!

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Posted on March 22, 2013 .