the case of the missing eyeliner

I drove to Atlanta today to have lunch with my mother. Not because my mother lives in Atlanta. She doesn't. But my sister does, and my mother drove to Atlanta to take a trip with my sister, so I drove to have lunch with her before they left. Complicated, I know. But despite the fact that I live somewhere between point Mom and point Sister, the path isn't a straight shot, and the winding roads on the way to my house give my mother whiplash, so I made the trip to see her.

It was nice. We had lunch, took in a little shopping, and I hopped back in the car to make the hour plus journey back to my little corner of North Georgia. And as long as I was making the trip, I decided to detour to the beauty supply store for supplies. Because, despite the fact that I rarely leave the house these days, when I do, I'd like to look somewhat put together, and that requires upkeep. I decided to stock up on hair color, shampoo, and eyeliner, because for some bizarre reason, I can never hold onto my black eyeliner. 

And it doesn't matter how often I buy it, it's as if there's a gaping hole in the universe that only feeds on black eyeliner, because mine is always missing. Not that I have occasion to wear the stuff all that often these days, but one should always be prepared. So I picked up a few, just in case, and I'll stash them where the teenage girls in my life can't find them. Of course, that will merely delay the inevitable. Once I'm seen wearing it, they will seek it out like blood hounds on the trail of a fugitive, leaving no stone unturned, no drawer unsearched, until they find the holy grail of all makeup. Until then, I guess I should live it up and look my best while I can.

Until the next time...I'll be dressing up for dinner tomorrow!

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Posted on March 28, 2013 .