I have to do what?

So, it's just beginning to sink in...the hard part of writing a book isn't the writing, it's the promoting. Ok, so it was the editing until I was finished with that part...and it was the writing before that...but this time I'm serious. Promoting is hard work.

But necessary. I mean, if I don't get out there and tell people about my book, how will people know? I guess it's a lot like actors who go out and do press for an upcoming movie release. It's part of the job description. They don't get to  play the role then disappear into the woodwork when the hard part of promoting comes along. And neither do I. I have to  do my part. Get out there and interact with people. Ok, so it's mostly online, but still. It's hard work staying on your computer in pajamas all day. Just nod your head and agree with me here.

On my quest to promote, I stumbled across this idea...well, maybe it was handed to me by a writer friend...creating a book trailer. Sure, I'd seen them before. But I had no idea how to make a trailer. Where does one even begin? So I started asking around, and after a whole lot of digging and a little help from some friends, I now have my very own book trailer. And now that I do, I can move on to the next phase...interviews.

This should be interesting.

Until the next time...I'll be promoting my book!

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Posted on March 7, 2013 .