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Over the course of the past week, I've had several people tell me how much they love Cooper Maxwell, the mysterious love interest in my newly released book, To Katie With Love. So much so, it was suggested I go dig up a few deleted scenes from my first round of editing. Stuff I couldn't bear to throw out, but for whatever reason, didn't make the final cut. And there's a lot of it. Over twenty thousand words worth. So on that note, I've decided to give you a scene written from Cooper's POV.

This scene originally came in between I Think I'll Have Just One More, and Those Were Magnificent Sheets.


Cooper leaned in and listened to Katie breathing in and out.  “You’re not drunk, huh?  I think it’s about time someone drove you home.” 

“That’s a wonderful idea, Cooper.  You should definitely drive her home.  June, Vicky, and I are heading in the opposite direction.”  Silvia was already sliding out of the booth pushing June and Vicky ahead of her.  June started to protest, but Silvia poked her in the shoulder and kept moving.  “It’s so nice of you to offer.”  With a wave the three of them made a beeline to the exit. 

“How do they do that?” Phil shook his head.  “I guess I should be heading out myself.  My wife will be waiting up for me.”  He polished off the rest of his pitcher in one long swallow. “You know, I could pretend to offer to take her myself, but we both know you’d rather do it.  Just don’t forget her keys and her purse.”  Phil tossed a set of keys onto the table in front of him and was out of the booth in a flash, leaving Cooper and a very passed out Katie alone at the table.       

“Kate can you hear me?”  Cooper leaned in to her ear and spoke softly.

“Mmmm?”  She groaned, and he felt a tug deep inside.  It was a sound he would have sold a kidney to hear out of this woman, but not when she was half passed out drunk.

“Kate?  Can you get up?”  He took her by the elbow to guide her out of the booth.  She leaned in to him, nestling her face into his neck and proceeded to make that sexy groaning sound again.

Cooper felt the last of his resolve slipping away.  “Get a grip Maxwell, she’s drunk.” 

“Not drunk.  Only had foorf drinks.  Just soooo sleepy.” Katie murmured without opening her eyes.

Foorf?  Kate, honey.  What is foorf?”  He struggled to hold her upright as he led her to the exit.

“Four…or five,” she slurred a little more clearly, and put three fingers in the air.  “Oh, and champagne.  Didn’t like the bubbles.”    

“You drank four or five drinks?" Cooper's eyebrows shot up. "I thought you didn’t drink?” 

“Nope. Don't drink.”  She pivoted herself until her breasts pressed against his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “You smell nice.  All pepperminty,” she whispered just before her body went limp. 

Cooper scooped her up in his arms and carried her out the door into the icy January evening.  He carefully loaded her into the passenger seat of his BMW, checking to be sure she was still breathing.  Once he had her buckled in, he rubbed his large hands across his face and stood back to look at her. 

God, she was beautiful. 

Her dark silky hair had fallen across her face and her lips were pouted out the way he'd noticed she did when frustrated.  Her breasts stretched the sheer fabric of the shirt so he could see the silk and lace beneath, and her skirt had hiked up higher on her thighs giving him a better view of…


She was his banker, and she was passed out cold in his car.  He was just going to get her home safely then go. 

If only he knew where she lived.

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