a dramatic reading

The BAFTA.  The Academy Award.  So few individuals have won either that I
feel obliged to point out that I have won both. 
Am I proving a point?  Or merely bragging?
Obviously I’m proving a point.  And the point is this:
The greatest villain in Disney history.  The greatest hero in Italian.  A dragon-mastering wizard.  The only man to outwite John McClane.  Some guy in that book by Evelyn Waugh. 
These are just a smattering of the
challenging, life-changing roles that I have played.  But no role has been MORE challenging (or
life-changing) than that posed to me by the fine individuals at the Red Adept Novels
Publication House.
Yes, as an actor I am constantly
challenging myself to evolve.  To
adapt.  To improve.  To master the craft to which I have attached
myself with a workhorse-like dedication.
That’s why I chose to take on the most
difficult role of my career: Katie James.  A young, American, female banker who finds herself getting in over her
head in a way such that she may wish she had the magical powers of Profian or
the political acumen of Alexander VI.
Sadly, she is possessed of
neither.  But today, through the power of
audio recording, she is possessed of my BAFTA (and Oscar) winning voice. 
Please, enjoy my rendition of TO KATIE
WITH LOVE, if for nothing else, then for the estate of Evelyn Waugh.
SIR Jeremy Irons
Dictated, but not read
Sussex County Seat, July the Twenty-Third,
Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Thirteen

Disclaimer: Today's blog and dramatic reading is courtesy of fellow Red Adept Publishing author (and frequent guest) Stephen Kozeniewski NOT actor Jeremy Irons. I figured you already knew that, but since I'm not a fan of getting sued, I thought I should be clear. The audio presentation is a skillful interpretation of what chapter one of To Katie With Love would sound like if actor Jeremy Irons actually DID read it. Which he didn't. But we like to pretend. We're writers.

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